Visual vita

Seu Jorge, Portrait Yvonne Büchi





Ausgang Suganertal bei Bassano – Sicht ins venezianische Tiefland Richtung Padua und Venedig

Piz Chüern

A Till Ö, Font: Munken Sans

Eisvogel in den Thurauen. Bild: Matthias Griesser

Eisvogel in den Thurauen. Bild: Matthias Griesser




Athen. Portrait bust of a youth. Found at Eleusis. AD 281–222. Archäologisches Nationalmuseum.

Saint Kolumbanshöhle / Salpeterhöhle mit A.

Holzplatten AG, Samstagern

Holzplatten AG, Samstagern

Das Grab von Frau Mutter in Gossau

Father and son


Coworking Westpark

Coworking Westpark: Marc Ziegler, Rutschi Sindico, Patrick Meier, ich, Alex Buschor. Photo: Andrea Vock

Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft

Homo photographicus. Moderner Bildermensch. Visual man

Moderner Bildermensch / Homo photographicus

Jorge 2017, Cristallina

Um banho em „Laiozz“, 8°C/2366m Capanna Cristallina, Bocchetta del Lago Nero, Summer 2017. Photo: Yvonne Büchi

Visual vita Jürg Büchi

Autobiographical writing project 2017

06.2014 – 07.2016

Art Director, Blue Spirit, Schlieren, Zurich. Photo: Die Sarah, 2016

Podere Baruti Toscana 2014


Guests attend the Award Night during the Zurich Film Festival on Oct. 2, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. Yvonne and I. Source: Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images Europe


230 different POS tools redesigned and conceived, appropriate materials and papers set and produced at time. We have developed the design guidelines of the new brand for the POS. Launch Salt 24.04.15

02.2000 – 05.2014

I started my own business as a graphic designer in Zug in 2000.

Own business as a graphic designer in Zug started in 2000


Lena grew up. She was born in 2001

APK All Erde

Yearly Annual reports for Aargauische Pensionskasse APK, 2004–2014


My son Diego built a ship for me. The Beagle

In 2009, we moved to new rooms and changed of the company into a GmbH.

In 2009, Netzprinz GmbH in new rooms


Markus Stricker, DGX AG / Jürg Büchi, Netzprinz GmbH, 2010. Photo: Carlo Schüller

Büro Sumpfstrasse

17 square meters office

Die Panne

For grandpa Adalbert Iten, «Die Panne»

Weltformt: 10 years Netzprinz

Weltformat Poster: 10 years of Netzprinz


With father in the „Seetalhütte“


The Family. First communion of Lena. Photo: Markus Steiger 2011

Lake Zug with Diego

Lake Zug with Diego, 2007

Schlittenfahrt in Bergün

Schlittenfahrt in Bergün

Friends: J.Büchi / T.Fuchs

Hans auf dem nach Hauseweg

Great Days between Office and Home. Plenty of time for the children


Expo02, The Blur Building Yverdon-les-Bains, Photo: Diller & Scofidio

In the office. Photo: Attila Morocz 2003

Papa died

Pope John Paul II died 2005

Werbekarte A5 „Ochsentour“, 2003

07.1997 – 01.2000

In 1999 we found a small house with a big garden for Yvonne, two children an me in Bonstetten.

Small house with garden for Yvonne, the children an me in Bonstetten.


Diego was born in 1999

Nokia 1999

First Handy in 1999

AAZ news paper „der Faktor“

I married

Museum of Design Zurich. AAZ Weltformat Poster „B Werbung“

01.1997 – 06.1997

Casa de Jorge

„Casa de Jorge“

Casa de Jorge

My little house close to the sea. Two rooms and a shower. Built with friends

Casa de Jorge

The garden

03.1994 – 12.1996

Mandala 7

Lost myself, Mandala 7

Bioforce Key Visuals, Marketingtropy

Logo: World Skills 1997, St.Gallen

Sítio Jorge

Sítio Jorge

04.1993 – 02.1994

Estrelas do sul

The southern hemisphere. I saw them all

Grem, Markus, Gregor, Jorge (clockwise from top left), Photo 1994

Canoa no. 1

Thomas died in November 1993 (Canoa no. 1)

Apartamento Jorge

Pousada Lobo do Mar, Grem and Judite

The sea. Photo: Markus Steiger 1994

01.1991 – 03.1993

Apple Macintosh IIfx

Apple Macintosh IIfx

Mac bomb

07.1990 – 12.1990

Max und unser Hermes-Baby

Max and the Hermes baby. Words to Max in Berzona. Max used the papers to make fire in the camino.


The Creative Director bought a magic-machine

08.1988 – 06.1990


Cover Lembrar. L. Castro Campos. A trip to São Paulo 1990


Fotoshooting with Alberto Venzago for Dannemann Locations in São Félix (Bahia), Paraty (Rio de Janeiro) and São Paulo

João Gilberto, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Stan Getz

First big client (Photo Wikimedia Commons)

01.1987 – 07.1988

Zürcherstrasse, St.Gallen

Living like an artist

My racing bike

03.1983 – 12.1986


I never want miss you. Cover


David Byrne


No title. Acrylic on paper


Bowls gather the rain


With G. in Sardegna. The XT

04.1976 – 08.1982

Francis Rolf

Studying graphic design

Grosse Väter

Art school St.Gallen. Book Cover. Grandfather

Book above: Richard Paul Lohse, Josef Müller-Brockmann, Hans Neuburg, Carlo Vivarelli; Neue Grafik, Verlag Otto Walter AG, 1958

Alphabug OPEN–CLOSED, Jost Hochuli's Alphabugs; Type Agfa Compugraphic. © Agfa Corporation, Wilmington (Mass.) USA

Jost Hochuli’s Alphabugs; Type Agfa Compugraphic. © Agfa Corporation, Wilmington (Mass.) USA

Sandinstallation Roman Signer 1981, Fribourg

Roman Signer at exhibition Fri-Art’81 in Fribourg. After my military service

Nastassja Kinski

Sunday evening in late March 1977. Tatort, „Reifezeugnis“ with Nastassja Kinski

31.12.1960 – 03.1976


We were boys playing football

NASA Image and Video Librar,

NASA TV shows the Apollo 11 astronauts on the lunar surface after landing. Beamed to Earth on July 20, 1969. I saw in TV with my father. (NASA Image and Video Librar)

My first hero.

Hendrix (Picture Arte TRACKS)